Hands On Experience
Wood work Tarata


1145345-Cartoon-Of-A-Book-Shelf-Mascot-Reading-Royalty-Free-Vector-Clipart[1]-cropLibrary Time
Reading Library Tarata
Students get time to spend in the school library each week.  They have some quality time in the library to read, renew a book or issue a new book to take home and read. 


Guided reading with Mr Wilton and Mrs McKenna


Tarata dog art
Some children in Tarata class have drawn a dog with crayon, then dyed over the top of it.  


Mr Wilson loves doing plays with his class. They get to perform to the other classes to show them how talented they are.  


Fractions group Tarata
Tarata class are learning about fractions in a group lesson on the mat and Mr Wilson showing a visual demonstration to help aid in their learning.
Fraction Tarata
Some of the students are doing independant work on fractions and helping each other to find the answer, while others are working on the laptops using the e-ako website.




Fraction computer Tarata