Our school was very fortunate to visit Te Manawa museum in Palmerston North.  They took a step back in time in acknowledgment that our school is 125 years old this year.  A great time was enjoyed by all.

The children experenced what it was like to go to school with a person role playing a strict teacher, having their hands and nails checked, and writing on slate boards.

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They had the chance to dress up in olden day clothing and to see how the men used to shave.

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Everyone had a go at doing the washing and to see how they used to fetch the water.

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Basic old fashioned games were played.

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The children took turns to churn the butter that was made to put on the pikelets for everyone to enjoy.
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Walking through the old house the children could listen to old music and see the old furniture.  Ironing was a chore as well.
Old fashioned tools and baking stuff was out for them to guess what they were used for.
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